Valerie Saxion


Hi friends,

We're so excited to announce our hair analysis test are back up and running! We're getting results back for our clients within 3 weeks or less and we have buffed up the test to give you even more knowledge about what's going on in your body!

Our test have always included:
Intolerance test: This test shows any food or non-food items that may not be processed well in your body and couldn't even cause allergic reactions.
Nutritional Test: This test let's you know about any deficiencies in vitamins and minerals you may have.
Heavy Metal Test: This test list all the heavy metals in your system that shouldn't be there.

And now we're including:
The Gut Biome Test: Letting you know what bacteria in your gut may be deficient and what problems it may be causing.
The Hormonal Imbalance Test: Just like it sounds, this test will list any hormonal imbalances found and the problems that can be associated with them.

All 5 of these test are included for our new sale price for this week only!

And the process is easy! Once you order, we send a simple form to fill our along with a baggie for your hair samples. You just need to mail back the hair samples to our address on the form and give us 3 weeks to get your results back to you. And the results can be emailed or mailed.

Usually our test are marked at $135. This week only we are marking the test down to just $95!

So click the link below to order your test


give us a call at (800)493-1146

Many blessings my friends!