Alternative Health Wellness Course ~ PDF Email Version

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 Alternative Health Wellness Course ~ PDF Email Version
Alternative Health Wellness Course is designed with you in mind!  A home study course to help you, your family and friends achieve the health and healing God designed you to have!  
AHWC puts the tools in your hands to minister to those around you and it's laid out so that any and all can easily understand and follow.  Teach yourself or teach a group at church, just get the word out, God has a plan of health and healing! From unforgiveness to the immune system, AHWC covers it all!
Courses you can take right at home!
  • Whole Body Health & the Importance of Cleansing
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Weight Loss & Stress Management
  • Digestion, How it Works
  • Immune, Maintaining & Boosting
  • The Whole Health Diet
  • Basics in Herbology
  • The Brain & How to Make it Better
  • The Spirit, Mind & Body Connection
  • Exercise for Everyone & Alternative Health & Healing Modalities