Benefits of Endoluten peptide bioregulator

Endoluten is a peptide bioregulator with a main role to protect the pineal gland and improve its normal function.
  •         Administers the normal secretion of melatonin
  •          Improves libido
  •         Improves and controls the neuro-endocrine system
  •         Brings back the normal cycle of sleep
  •         Boosts energy levels
  •        Prevents reproductive glands from getting cancer
  •       Acts as natural peptide bioregulator that are naturally produced in the          body
  •       No adverse side effects

The importance of pineal gland

Claimed as the “third eye” in the ancient times and the “seat of human soul” by Descartes, the pineal gland plays crucial roles in keeping the body in its normal and healthy state. It is found in the brain and acts as the heart and soul in the production of melatonin. It normalizes the secretion of melatonin, which keeps the body functioning normally. Once deemed unhealthy and weak, there will be an abnormality in the production of melatonin, and eventually, the person can suffer from several diseases such as cancer, impairment in the reproductive system, epilepsy, peptic ulcer, depression, Paget’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

When the pineal gland distributes the correct amount melatonin in its appropriate time, it balances and normalizes the circadian rhythms of the body such as sleep pattern, energy level, and immune system. It also plays a pivotal role in the development of a person’s reproductive health and neuro-endocrine system.

 When there is a flood of melatonin in the body, the person can experience, drowsiness, tiredness, weak immune system; thus, paving way to several bodily ailments and infection. Endoluten peptide bioregulator regulates this flow and brings back the body to its normal function.

Peptide Bioregulator

Peptide bioregulator is produced normally in the body; however, when the body starts to weaken, it cannot produce the amount of substance needed to normalize the body’s natural function. It interacts with DNA strands in order to repair and regenerate good cells that keeps the body’s optimum condition.

Peptide bioregulator are substances that address specific bodily issues. In fact, these are manufactured in different varieties that target specific tissue, gland, or cell such as Libidon for prostate gland, Sigumir for cartilage, Endoluten for pineal gland, and Vladonix for thymus gland. 

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