Heater Meals 5 Year shelf Life


HeaterMeals EX - Assorted Lunch/Dinner Entrees

5 year shelf life

HeaterMeals EX offers the same satisfying entrees you love with an extended (up to) 5 year shelf/storage life; offering a simple, long-term planning solution for emergency feeding.

In this variety case you’ll get two of each delicious HeaterMeals EX entrees for a total of 12 meals:

  • Chicken Pasta Italiana
  • Zesty BBQ Sauce & Potatoes with Beef
  • Italian Style Pasta with Beans
  • Rotini & Kielbasa Sausage in a Spicy Sauce
  • Tex-Mex Four Bean Chili
  • Tandoori Seasoned Chicken with Brown Rice