Intolerance, Metal & Nutritional Test

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How it Works:

Intolerance test: This test shows any food or non-food items that may not be processed well in your body and could even cause allergic reactions.
Nutritional Test: This test lets you know about any deficiencies in vitamins and minerals you may have.
Heavy Metal Test: This test list all the heavy metals in your system that shouldn't be there.

And now we're including:
The Gut Biome Test: Letting you know what bacteria in your gut may be deficient and what problems it may be causing.
The Hormonal Imbalance Test: Just like it sounds, this test will list any hormonal imbalances found and the problems that can be associated with them.

Digestive Health and Metabolism Analysis: Testing your enzyme and metabolism level to give you a more accurate picture of how your food is being processed