Valerie Saxion
  • Ready Candle


    Ready Candle, 100 plus hours of clean, odor free light! Excellent for everyone to have on hand for those unexpected moments. 

    Our 100 Hour Ready Candle burns odorless & smokeless liquid paraffin—perfect for emergency use! While we have had them burn as long as 115 hours (yes we timed it) you are likely going to see 100 hours on average from our Ready Emergency Candle. Keep one in each of your emergency kits and in every room of the house for quick light in an emergency. The ReadyCandle is a great choice for emergency lighting.

    The candle burns liquid paraffin and is virtually odorless and smokeless, which makes it a great choice for indoors. The plastic storage cap snaps on and off easily, so you don't have to worry about messy spills. The 100 Hour Ready Candle also makes a great gift for neighbors, family and friends!