Valerie Saxion
  • Ruach~ 3 Containers

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    Vitamin C                                 200 mg
    NAC                                         700 mg
    Vinpocetine                              20 mg
    B-2                                           2 mg
    Pycnogenol                             60 mg
    (this is the best pycnogenol from France, the Maritime Pine bark)
    Hawthorne                              500 mg
    Spirulina                                 3 grams
    Sodium Citrate                       3 mg

    Kim Clement’s Supplement Prophecy to me is here!

    In 2006, Kim Clement called me up in the Long Beach convention center and prophesied to me!  The prophecy is below, I was the only one out of thousands of people he called up!  Needless to say, I prayed and prayed for the Lord to reveal what it was and what I was to do!  Within 2 years, I discovered an ingredient that had never come to the forefront despite the clinical studies.  We now know that ingredient as Smart Caps.  However, we all take it for the brain!  12 years after Smart Caps (Vinpocetine) the 14th year after the prophecy, I sat up in the bed in February and the Lord told me what to look for and what to combine with the Vinpocetine for the prophecy to be fulfilled!  I have completed the formula.  I KNOW, it is from God and I KNOW it will do what HE said it will do.  I know HIS timing is perfect and I KNOW HIS people need it this year more than ever!  I will not make medical claims, I will stand on the Word that came to me through Kim Clement. 

    I sent samples out last week to a few people who were in need physically and have already received an amazing praise report this morning! I believe we are in critical times and we as children of the Most High need to be taking care of our bodies more than ever!  I ask you to pray right now as you are reading this and ask what you should do for your immune! 

    To say that I have had warfare in my life since the prophecy is an understatement…but I have not given up, I know this is from the Lord!  After much prayer and council, I have named it “Ruach” which is the Hebrew word for breath.

    Ruach will initially be in powder form and is excellent mixed with water or juice, preferably 2 times a day.  There are several ingredients, all of which have ZERO side effects.  If you can eat food, you can take it!  Vinpocetine has been combined with key nutrients that will cause exponential absorption and action within the body including energy so please take at breakfast and lunch!

    This is the “moedim”, the Hebrew for the set time for this to come forth! 

    Allow me to prophesy. Allow me to prophesy the Word of the Lord. You said, I want a prophet, do you really? God said, did you look for the Armani suits? Do you look for fancy ties? No, this is not wrong, but listen, when you call for a John the Baptist figure do you expect a man to come with fine eloquent words that come from the castle? No, but God said, it is time for Me to go back to the wilderness, it is time for Me to go back and show you that from the wilderness I can raise up, from the prison I can raise up, from the nothing I can raise up and make something.

    For the Spirit of God said in your midst is a doctor, one that has grabbed a hold of a truth that shall be mocked by some. Dr. Saxion, listen to me, God said you have not linked yourself with a prophet with no reason. You come out here and stand at this altar. Come and stand before this prophet that has called you by a certain name. For the Lord said, there are those that have mocked and they have said, this is a fallacy, this is something that will never happen. God said, do you realize that you have cried out for a miracle for yourself and I will indeed do it. For even as you delve in and you say I am tired or yesterday's dictations and I am tired of the one that tried to hold me down so that I could not breathe and suffocate me. Now you will bring life into the lungs of human beings for there shall be an incredible discovery that shall come, says the Lord. For one just died, says the Spirit, of a lung disease. Do you understand that there is so much anger because of this? A man who was paralyzed, Christopher Reeve, and then his wife, a child that is left. God said, listen, this child will not go fatherless, this child will not go without a mother. God said, I will see the miracle works through this child. Why am I telling you this, dear doctor? For God said, do you understand you are on a pathway that has disturbed the powers of darkness? You are on a pathway that has caused the powers of hell to say, we must stop her because she is bringing life into science, and she is bringing life into medical science. You are bringing God back into the books. And God said, they will acknowledge you in 12 years from now, for something that you will discover in the next 2 years will bring millions of dollars into the Kingdom of God. I have anointed you and I have linked you up with a prophet so that you can be sent to the places and you can go to the places with an anointing that is second to none. No one will stop you. You have been stopped twice. You won't be stopped the third time, says the Spirit of God, for the anointing is upon you tonight for it.