Benefits of Visoluten peptide bioregulator

Visoluten is a peptide bioregulator specifically harnessed to boost and protect eyesight and retinal function.

  • Helps guard and repair the membrane of the retina
  • Helps to avoid age-related eye disorders
  • No unpleasant and adverse side effects

Visoluten is a nutritive supplement with natural eye peptides. It has healing properties beneficial for the repair of retinal cells and has regenerative properties. It regulates the function of the eyes by decreasing the peptide insufficiency and repairing protein synthesis in the eye cells. It is potentially beneficial in removing spasms in the retina. It reduces angiopathy due to diabetes and hypertension, supports the optic nerves and eye lens’ health, and reduces retinal degeneration and retinal detachment. Visoluten is suggested to everyone, irrespective of age. It is essentially useful to people who are often exposed to bright lights and for people suffering from eye ailments like glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Visoluten can also be taken with other supplements and medications

Peptide Bioregulators

Peptide bioregulators are not hormones. They are substance or a small chain of peptides that correlates with DNA strands in order to mitigate specific bodily issues. It targets specific tissues and glands, making the treatment much safer, quicker, and more effective.

Dosing need not be daily with peptide bioregulator supplement unlike stem cell therapy and other forms of hormone replacement therapies. Peptide therapy is inexpensive as well, can be taken orally, and doesn’t require suppression from the immune system to see the results.

Since peptide bioregulators are highly specific, different varieties are formulated to treat specific parts of the body issues such as Vladonix for thymus gland, Endoluten for pineal gland, Glandokort for adrenal, and so much more.

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