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    Natural Memory and Cognition Support

    Vinpocetine from Valerie Saxion is a gluten free dietary supplement presented in 10mg tablets to support cerebral metabolism.

    Support Memory Affected By Stress or Aging

    Vinpocetine may support cognitive performance and short-term memory, areas that can be affected by stress or aging. Animal studies suggest vinpocetine may support cerebral blood flow.

    This vegetarian, hypoallergenic dietary supplement may help

    • Support blood flow to the brain
    • Mental Function
    • Alertness
    • Cerebral metabolism
    • Short term memory loss experienced with aging
    • Tinnitus (Ringing in the ear)

    A chemical derived from vincamine, vinpocetine is a compound found in the common periwinkle plant.

    Suggested Use for Cognitive Support

    When using this brain supporting agent as a dietary supplement, adults may take one tablet one to three times a day.